C&D Construction Management's Xiamen Senior Citizen University Expansion Project (Phase II) Tops Out


On February 2nd, the Xiamen Senior Citizen University expansion project Phase II, undertaken by C&D Construction Management, successfully topped out. Covering an area of approximately 2,100 square meters and with a total construction area of about 5,806 square meters, the four-story building (including a mezzanine) will feature a multi-functional exhibition hall on the first floor and a performance lecture hall on the second floor. Once completed, the project will help alleviate the high demand for elderly education in Xiamen, supporting lifelong learning and enjoyment for the elderly.

This new campus of the Xiamen Senior Citizen University is a significant initiative by the municipal government to build a caring community and promote respect for the elderly, with C&D Construction Management committed to providing high-quality, warm, and first-rate educational facilities for the elderly, creating a "learning paradise" for the new era.