Xiamen Strait Grand Theater Celebrates Its Inaugural Concert with Eason Chan's Praise


The Xiamen Strait Grand Theater, operated and managed by C&D Exhibition, celebrated its first concert with Eason Chan's "FEAR and DREAMS" concert in Xiamen from January 19th to 21st. This marked the first major concert of 2024 in Xiamen.

Chan compared the venue to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, praising its beauty and refinement. "The feeling of watching a musical," "complete visual satisfaction from every angle," "different from the experience in a regular sports stadium," and "the first time attending a concert in a theater felt amazing"... After the first three concerts, many fans shared their positive reviews on various platforms, highlighting their unique and enjoyable experiences at the venue.

Unlike the audio-visual experience in open-air stadiums, Xiamen Strait Grand Theater places more emphasis on the stage presence and theatricality of concerts, enhancing the live performance's dramatic tension. The "inaugural song" signifies the theater's move towards greater diversity in its offerings, adding vibrancy to the city's cultural tourism and economic development.

Located in the convention and exhibition area of Xiamen Island, the Xiamen Strait Grand Theater is an international entertainment and performance venue and a multifunctional complex. It supports large-scale performances, concerts, award ceremonies, and various types and sizes of meetings. The venue covers an area of 46,000 square meters, includes a main hall capable of accommodating ten thousand spectators, and is equipped with over 30 meeting rooms and VIP rooms ranging from 50 to 1500 square meters, and 16 dressing rooms.

The theater has successfully hosted numerous events, leveraging its professional indoor theater acoustics, spatial design, and service capabilities. These include the 5th China Film Golden Rooster Awards, the 24th Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union General Assembly, the 2023 China Internet Civilization Conference, Wu Xiaobo's year-end show, the 2021 Chinese Materials Conference, the 12th National Conference on Oral Implantology, and the DJI RoboMaster Robotics Competition Central and Southern China Division, among others.