Construct a new future

Develop a new self

Construct a new future

Develop a new self

Provide competent employees a stage

to fully show themselves

Provide competent employees

a stage to fully show themselves

Upholding the employment mechanism of reasonable promotion and demotion

Matching abilities with jobs, discovering people's abilities, and making full use of their strengths

We can provide competent employees with a stage to fully show themselves

"Make things done, make things done well, make things done successfully"

Is the trait of C&D people

With simple interpersonal relationships here

C&D has a fair promotion mechanism and broad development space

Come to C&D, "Construct" a new future, and "Develop" a new self

Market-driven Progress

A diversified large-scale industrial investment group with great strength and development prospects

Global 500 large-scale industrial investment group

Marketization, new state-owned enterprise, large platform

Diversified industries and broad prospects

Career-driven Growth

Provide the capable with fast promotion and diversified career development space

With challenging works, you can harvest growth in practice

Encourage employees to have the courage to think and the willingness to act, and provide a broad space for development

A sound training mechanism

Multi-channel development prospects

Fairness-driven Promotion

A proactive, simple and fair corporate culture full of humanistic care

Simple and efficient communication culture

Positive, enterprising, and harmonious team atmosphere

Humanized employee care

Fair and just annual promotion mechanism

Quality-driven Life

Provide you with quality life

Competitive salary system in the industry

Sound, multi-level and high-quality welfare system

High-quality working environment and rich leisure life

Market-driven Progress

Career-driven Growth

Fairness-driven Promotion

Quality-driven Life