C&D Construction Management Completes Rooftopping of All 30 High-Rise Residential Buildings in He Cuo Resettlement-type Commercial Housing Project


On November 22, the He Cuo Resettlement-type Commercial Housing project, managed and constructed by C&D Construction Management, achieved a significant milestone with the completion of the main structural work for all 30 high-rise residential buildings.

The He Cuo Resettlement-type Commercial Housing project, aimed at improving the living conditions of residents in old villages and enhancing urban infrastructure, covers a total land area of about 94,900 square meters with a total construction area of approximately 581,600 square meters. The project comprises 30 high-rise buildings ranging from 22 to 33 floors, providing 4,600 housing units and nearly 4,000 parking spaces upon completion. This accomplishment marks a significant step forward in the redevelopment of old villages in the eastern part of Xiamen's Siming District, substantially improving the urban environment and living conditions in the He Cuo area.