Xiamen State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) Officials Visit C&D Group for Learning and Exchange Program


In a dedicated effort to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important directive on "reaching out to the grassroots," and to promote the new-era mass line among Party members and officials, on November 22, Wang Liangmu, Party Secretary and Director of Xiamen SASAC, led a team to C&D Group for the third phase of the "Entering State-owned Enterprises for Learning and Exchange" initiative. The delegation visited the Humanity Medical Park and held a discussion and exchange meeting.

During the meeting, Huang Wenzhou, Party Secretary and Chairman of C&D Group, shared the company's practical experience and approaches in business development, reform and innovation, team building, Party construction, and cultural leadership.

Leaders from the Xiamen SASAC highlighted that over its more than forty years of development, C&D Group has bravely faced challenges, persevered in its pursuit, and achieved remarkable results. They expressed hope that in its future development, C&D Group will continue to focus on the mission entrusted by the Xiamen Municipal Committee and Government, align with Xiamen's "1-2-3" strategic planning, stay rooted in its core business, aim for high-quality development, deepen reforms, accelerate innovation, enhance its core competitiveness, and continue providing the market with professional, high-quality, and high-value products and services. The Group is expected to drive economic development, pay attention to public welfare, demonstrate the responsibility and commitment of state-owned enterprises, and contribute to Xiamen's accelerated construction of the "4+4+6" modern industrial system.