City Investment of C&D Real Estate Group Organizes Refreshing Life Festival to Build Better Residences


Over the past month, C&D City Investment’s “Refreshing Life Festival” has been held in Xiamen’s Xueling, Zhongzhai, and Fanghu neighborhoods in Huli District and Yangtang neighborhood in Xiang’an District, showcasing the happy scenes of the upgraded quality of resettlement housing residential area and the better quality of life after the urban renewal.

In this Life Festival, C&D City Investment collaborated with the related units of C&D Group to create a field of distinctive activities for each community, enjoying the C&D service of “service out of the heart, benefiting and warming the hearts of people”.

C&D City Investment has been deeply engaged in the field of urban renewal and transformation for 17 years, relying on C&D Real Estate’s comprehensive advantages in real estate development, property management, urban renewal and transformation, commercial management, agent construction and operation, engineering and design services, and investment in related industries to form an integrated whole-chain comprehensive service model of urban renewal and transformation, and to help the residents to have a better life and the construction of the "2 Highs & 2 Qualities”(2 Highs means the high quality of people and the beautiful looks of the city, 2 qualities means city with modern and international qualities) urban areas.