C&D Real Estate Unveils New Chinese-style Products


Recently, the "2023 C&D Real Estate 'Splendid Tang Style & Elegant Song Charm' New Chinese Architectural Aesthetics Appreciation" event was successfully held at the Shanghai Tower. In a unique dialogue between the past and present, guests from various sectors explored the Oriental humanistic aesthetics of the Tang and Song dynasties, witnessing the launch of C&D Real Estate's two new Chinese-style products, "Splendid Tang Style" and "Elegant Song Charm.”

The "Splendid Tang Style" product adheres to a palatial aesthetic, drawing on the cultural essence of the Tang dynasty with the craftsmanship techniques of "strength, softness, vermillion, and azure," recreating the Tang-style architecture's harmony with nature and intricate carvings, deeply interpreting the form and spirit of Tang architecture. The "Elegant Song Charm" product, based on an in-depth study of Song dynasty culture and architectural features, employs the craftsmanship techniques of "lightness, leisure, clarity, and gold" for cultural tracing and translation, showcasing the impression of Song charm.

C&D Real Estate is dedicated to rejuvenating Chinese architectural and living spaces through a blend of tradition and innovation. Its mission is to enrich lives by infusing modern living with the essence of traditional Chinese culture and architectural wisdom, thus elevating living standards and enhancing the quality of life for many.