Lianfa Group Celebrates 40th Anniversary with Series of Events


On the occasion of Lianfa Group's 40th anniversary, a series of celebratory events were splendidly conducted. On October 15th, the Group organized a 40th-anniversary staff walkathon, with over 2000 employees and their families participating in synchrony across more than ten cities nationwide including Hangzhou, Nanchang, and Shenzhen. This event symbolized the unity, progress, and unceasing determination of the Lianfa team. On October 18th, Lianfa Group celebrated its 40th anniversary and the inauguration of the lobby of the Lianfa Building.

Marking 40 years of relentless progression and standing at a new milestone, Lianfa Group is poised to continue resonating with the era, advancing alongside cities, and striving for new heights with renewed vigor.