Official Completion of Lianfa Group’s Construction Project - Jiuxi Senior High School


Jiuxi Senior High School, constructed by Lianfa Group, has recently been officially completed. The school is situated on Xindian Street in Xiang'an District, Xiamen City. It covers an area of more than 85,000 square meters and comprises various facilities such as the teaching building, dormitory building, cafeteria, and more. It has the capacity to accommodate 60 classes and also sets up essential function spaces like the library, art building, experimental building, academic auditorium, indoor gymnasium, and a comprehensive sports field.

Simultaneously, the construction team of Lianfa Group, as the primary force of the "Hundred Schools Renewal" initiative, also took on the task of summer renovations for a total of 10 projects across 5 schools in Xiamen. These schools included Huli Middle School, No. 3 Middle School, Jinshan Elementary School, Jinshang Elementary School, and Jinshang Middle School. The renovations encompassed various aspects such as facade and gate improvements, landscape enhancements, classroom repairs, and electrical capacity expansion. This projects serve as a commendable endeavor to support the advancement of education and provide valuable services to the community.