C&D City Services Puts into Use Xiamen's First Auto-cleaning Public Toilet


Recently, the Xiang’an C&D Urban Construction Group under C&D City Services put into use Xiamen's first "auto-cleaning public toilet", which improves the experiences of visitors with "impressive appearance + technological innovation".

It is reported that the toilet, located in the "Minnan Stone Park" along the Phase II Romance Line (Xiang'an Section), is the first of its kind to use a "cleaner robot" that automatically cleans the toilet every time it is used 24 hours a day and manages the toilet based on IoT. Meanwhile, the toilet applies foam-based biological antibacterial and "in-situ" fermentation technologies to make this smart modular toilet capable of handling 60 tons of high-concentration sewage water each year and generating 9 tons of solid organic fertilizer through fermentation for landscape plant maintenance. In the future, Xiang’an C&D Urban Construction Group will also introduce property administration requirements into the routine management and maintenance of parks to make them "refined, professional, and intelligent" and improve the service capability of Xiamen.