Phase II of Xiangping Affordable Housing Community Near Metro Constructed by Lianfa Group Received "Luban Award"


Recently, the main construction (including decoration works) on plot 2-2, which is a part of the phase II project of Xiangping Affordable Housing Community Near Metro constructed by Lianfa Group, won the China Construction “Luban Award” (National Quality Project) for 2022-2023. It is the only residential project in Fujian that has won this Luban Award.

Well considering the needs of residents with a humanistic design, this project strictly follows the standards of level 2 green buildings and integrates the concept of the sponge city to deliver a gardenlike comprehensive community. Upon completion, the project will not only improve the living conditions of more than 4,000 difficult households, but set a benchmark for affordable housing boasting "accessible location, complete supporting facilities, great quality, sound environment, large scale". Following Xiamen Haifu Center and Xiamen Strait Grand Theater, this project also marks the third Luban Award obtained by the Lianfa Group which seeks quality with meticulousness and profession.