Zhongzhai Old Village Redevelopment Project in the Charge of C&D Real Estate Wrapped Up Successfully


A new-year good start was embraced by the Zhongzhai Old Village Redevelopment Project, a major project of the Old Village Redevelopment Program in eastern Huli District. The last household signed the contract on January 20. It represents the round-off of the Zhongzhai Old Village Redevelopment project in the charge of C&D Jiarun City Construction Investment Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "C&D City Investment") under C&D Real Estate. The project will be handed over to another subsidiary - C&D Construction Management Corporation.

It is reported that the project features a construction area of around 1.32 million square meters and more than 2100 buildings, accommodating nearly 6000 permanent residents in 868 households. The completion of this project fuels the construction of the Huli Eastern New Town and contributes to the comprehensive improvement of Xiamen Island. In the future, C&D Real Estate will keep focusing on the well-being and need of the people, advance the construction of the new Zhongzhai with a high caliber of planning, design, and quality, and aggressively push forward the project progress with guaranteed efficiency and quality!