Party Committee of C&D Group Holds Democratic Life Meeting of 2022


On the morning of January 19, the Party Committee of C&D Group held the Democratic Life Meeting of 2022, which was presided over by Huang Wenzhou, the Secretary of the Party Committee, and received guidance from leaders of the Organizational Department of the CPC Xiamen Municipal Committee, the Commission for Discipline Inspection, and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC).

At the meeting, the attendees were briefed on the preparatory work for the democratic consultation meeting and on the solicitation of opinions, as well as the implementation of the rectification measures introduced at the previous year’s democratic consultation meeting. Comrade Huang Wenzhou, secretary of C&D Group’s Party Committee, made an in-depth review on behalf of the Party Committee’s leadership team. After that, members of the party committee made speeches closely related to the topic of the meeting in turn to report the results of their in-depth review, where they criticized others and themselves, found the problem, identified the root, and clarified the corrective measures and future direction.

The Steering Group fully affirmed this Democratic Life Meeting and proposed more requirements for C&D's party committee, stating that this Democratic Life Meeting was fully prepared and held in a solemn atmosphere with a distinctive theme, thus functioning well in the enhancement of the party spirit, the building of consensus, and the advancement of work.

In the end, Comrade Huang Wenzhou made a speech on behalf of the leaders of C&D's party committee to present the intention of deeply learning and implementing the guiding spirits of the 20th CPC National Congress starting from this Democratic Life Meeting. In this way, C&D will comprehend the decisive significance of "Two Establishments", practically improve its political awareness, direct all thoughts with one accord, make aggressive efforts, and accomplish new breakthroughs in the promotion of high-quality development.