Lianfa Group's 400 Call Center won the 2022 Customer Reputation Award


Recently, Lianfa Group's 400 Call Center won the "2022 Customer Reputation Award" in the 2022 China Customer Contact Center Awards (CCCCA) with its high-quality service capabilities and solid brand experience. According to reports, this selection is the most authoritative, most standardized, and most benchmark in terms of annual activity in the customer connection industry.

Lianfa Group 400 Call Center was founded in July 2015. Ever since being put into use, it has been adhering to the principle of "dialing with one click and dealing with every matter" by providing 365 days of 24/7 online service, it has actualized the multi-party integration of the call center of the group headquarters with real estate development enterprises and project properties, which has realized the full life cycle service and human-centered care of Lianfa Group's "Nine Phases of Warmhearted Services". In 2022, Lianfa 400 Call Center was also upgraded to not only serve customers but also lay a solid foundation for the development of relevant businesses of the group, achieving dual improvement in benefits.