C&D Crowned on the "Class A International Enterprise List 2022" of Xiamen


On November 15, Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Commerce released the "Class A International Enterprise List 2022" for the first time, on which Xiamen C&D Inc. (600153.SH) was included on the strength of its ongoing presence and industrial advantages in the international market accumulated for years. Meanwhile, C&D Japan Inc., affiliated to Xiamen C&D Inc., became the "Japanese Point of Contact for Overseas Investment and Trade Services" designated by Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Commerce. Report has it that this list, which includes 8 enterprises, is marked as China's first local evaluation system for the internationalization of enterprises.

Relying on a sophisticated global supply chain system, Xiamen C&D Inc. is aggressively expanding African, South African, and Middle Eastern markets while actively blending into the RCEP countries, and has established business contacts in more than 170 countries and regions. In the future, Xiamen C&D Inc. will further the development strategy of "internationalization" and "professionalism", deepen the implementation of the "technology-empowered" and "financially-empowered" strategic measures, and keep expanding the cooperation scope in international trade.