C&D City Services Wins China’s Intelligent Sanitation Typical Exemplary Case


Recently, at the 2023 China Urban Environmental Sanitation Association Annual Meeting and 2023 China Sanitation Expo, C&D City Services’ “Science and Technology Guarding Safety - C&D City Services Safety Dual-Control Management Platform” was honored as “2021-2022 China Intelligent Sanitation Typical Exemplary Case”.  

In recent years, C&D City Service has innovated the management mode of “Safety Dual-Control”, carried out grid management for urban public service maintenance, managed the operation process in real-time, established the full life cycle file of maintenance objects, improved quality and efficiency through daily operation and multi-scene inspection, unified scheduling, comprehensive archiving, and integrated analysis, etc. On the basis of using Internet of Things technology to realize full life cycle management and control of operations, it guarantees the safety of production and operation in all aspects and promotes the effectiveness of urban operation and management with digital empowerment.