Lianfa Group Has Been Actively Involved in the "Spring Buds - Love and Care" Student Aid Activity for 11 Consecutive Years


At the distribution ceremony of 2023 "Spring Buds - Love and Care" student aid activity organized by Xiamen Women's Federation and Xiamen Women's and Children's Development Foundation on August 30th, Lianfa Group, which is about to celebrate its 40th anniversary, generously contributed 600,000 RMB from the Lianfa Love Fund to support the initiative. The funds were allocated to support the "Spring Buds - Love for Students" program, benefiting a total of 82 female college students enrolled in the "Spring Buds Program," as well as 13 female college students and 37 primary and secondary school students under the "Love for Students" program.

Since 2013, Lianfa Group has been actively involved in this activity for 11 consecutive years. They have sponsored over 2,000 students and donated a total of nearly 8 million RMB to the "Spring Bud Program", as well as other initiatives focused on education and public welfare. Their contributions have greatly contributed to the advancement of philanthropic efforts for women and children.