C&D Emerging Industry Equity Investment's Companies Ranked on "China Venture's Sharp Companies" List


On February 2, the "China Venture's Sharp 100" list of companies was released, selecting the 100 most innovative and growing innovative technology companies of the year. C&D Emerging Industry Equity Investment and its partners jointly invested in a total of six companies, namely "BioEngine Sci-Tech Co., Ltd., Huangtiane Co., Ltd., Jiushi Co., Ltd., Nuclei System Technology, VectorBuilder, and Narwal Robotics".

Focusing on technology innovation sectors such as cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, semiconductor chips, biomedicine, medical devices, smart healthcare, and enterprise services, the list is selected based on how active these developing companies are in these sectors in the capital market. C&D Emerging Industry Equity Investment aims to continue to identify innovative and growth-oriented companies to drive technological innovation and upgrades in product transformation.