C&D City Services Releases Its Self-Developed Onboard Driver Safety Inspection System


C&D City Services has recently developed an onboard driver safety inspection system which unlocks a brand-new way for drivers to be at the wheel. By mitigating risks from the source, the system requires drivers to clock-in through facial recognition, take a sobriety test, and take a body temperature test located at the same smart machine. The system will then automatically unlock the locker containing the corresponding key for the driver, so that drivers can "test before boarding".

This onboard driver safety smart system is closed-loop, which not only saves the manpower for supervision but improves the rigor of supervision while efficiently enhancing the dispatching of drivers. The system is now applied in the green management area of Xiang'an, Xiamen, and will be popularized to other areas. In the future, C&D City Services will explore more smart and innovative means to seek development and maintain safety in urban public services.