C&D Paper & Pulp Launches MyPULP V2.0


On November 18, MYPULP V2.0, an Internet-based platform serving pulp industry under C&D Paper & Pulp, was successfully launched. This update achieved enhancement in five major services, including online operation of all business processes, displaying first-hand industrial news, settlement of partners online, online financial services, and intelligent warehousing & logistics solutions, to reconstruct the digital eco-platform of the pulp industry.

C&D Paper & Pulp launched "MYPULP" platform in January 2019 and has been continuously improving it. With this platform, C&D Paper & Pulp provides upstream pulp suppliers and downstream papermaking factories with digital solutions centering around cloud transactions, industrial information, warehousing & logistics, and financial service for the supply chain. It also brought in the technical middle ground, cloud computing, and other advanced technologies from Tencent to improve service quality and efficiency for customers.