Lianfa Group's Smart City Innovation Center (Agent Construction Project) Fully Capped


Recently, the Smart City Innovation Center, which is the headquarters of Meiya Pico built by Lianfa Group as an agent, has been fully capped. This project is a major project of Fujian and the future research institute of new smart cities. Lianfa Group has overwhelmingly controlled the project's progress, quality, and safety to boost the commencement and production and ensure quality and effect.

It is reported that the total construction area of this project is around 77,000 square meters and the project is expected to be completed and put into use in September 2023. After completion, the center will be a comprehensive office building integrating software research and development, conference rooms, electronic arenas, offices, and catering. Information technology breakthroughs and industrial incubation will be made here around the new smart city, artificial intelligence, big data, and other future-proof industries to fully embody Meiya Pico's cutting-edge technologies, promote the digitalized development of the city, and help Xiamen become a national example of smart cities.