Xiamen Humanity Rehabilitation Hospital and Qifu Community Service Center in Siming District Establish Cooperation Ties


On June 15, Xiamen Humanity Rehabilitation Hospital and Qifu, a community service center in Siming District, held a signing ceremony for cooperating in the provision of rehabilitation services for the elderly. 

Their cooperation will focus on extending care to the elderly to help them live a better life. Based on Qifu's experience in community work, the two organizations will provide health-keeping lectures, free medical consultation, and rehabilitation services for senior citizens in communities in the Binhai Subdistrict. Emphasis will be given to the promotion of therapeutic exercises and physiotherapy, as well as to education on topics such as how to recover from stroke, hyperglycemia, disorders of the nervous system, and other chronic diseases. Work will also be done to help the elderly to develop a stronger sense of the need for rehabilitation, and better health management skills. The two organizations look to support community management, upgrade community services, spread health information, and create an equal and friendly atmosphere for the underprivileged in their effort to help elderly citizens recuperate from nervous system disorders. The aim is to help the elderly live a better life.