C&D Exhibition The First Successful Offline Exhibition in 2022


On June 5, the four-day West-Taiwan-Strait Auto Expo 2022 was successfully concluded in Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Center. It was the first exhibition held in Xiamen this year, releasing a positive signal in recovery of the exhibition industry. C&D Exhibition worked with the exhibition organizers to formulate a detailed epidemic prevention and control guarantee plan to build a "safety net" and an "epidemic prevention wall".

It was reported that the "Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Code" integrating five systems and eight big data was unveiled for the first time in this exhibition. The code was planned under the guidance of the Municipal Prevention and Control Office and the Municipal Bureau of Commerce (Convention and Exhibition Bureau), and developed in cooperation with C&D Exhibition. All participants can use one code in all exhibition activities, such as check-in, permit obtaining, gate access, dining, etc. Over the years, C&D Exhibition has actively explored digital innovation of exhibitions and studied digital solutions for epidemic prevention and control processes. The successful application of the exhibition code will also lay a solid foundation for the digital upgrading of site services in subsequent exhibitions.